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On the occasion of Platinum Jubilee year of India's freedom, our Mandal had launched this Website. The Mandal was established in the year 1970 , with the inspiration and teaches of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Lokmanya Tilak. Mandal's main aim was to create unity and happiness among the people.

Khambata Lane Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav is the the good example of Unity. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis and Cathelics are coming together to celebrate the Festival of Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav. Outsiders from Khambata Lane are also coming for 12 days to do the work ship for "Khetwadi Cha Raja".

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the real King of Maharashtra. He was the great leader. Mandal honestly salute his work for Maharashtra. The hero who escaped from the prison of the Mughal Emperor himself, to become the ruler of a kingdom devoted to Dharma and the service of the people. As a boy he dedicated himself to Hindu Dharma. He matched cunning against cunning, courage
against courage; he was one of the wisest rulers as he was one of the greatest generals.


Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Lokmanya Tilak, the great leader and freedom fighter of India recognized the core of this prayer and started "Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav" in the year 1892 . Which brought the people together. Hence, along with being religious, he created the feeling of patriotism among the people which triggered the freedom movement of India.

The Khambata Lane is broadest lane as far as length and width is concerned. The Khambata Lane is an only lane in Khetwadi area which doesn't have any lane number that's why it is different from other lanes.

"Khetwadi Cha Raja" is the popular, lovable and respected idol of Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Mandals.

History of Mandal - Khetwadi Cha Raja

Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Mandal, Khetwadi, Khambata Lane was established in the year 1970. At that time, Mandal's founders like Late Balkrushna Gandhi, Late Balkrushna Bedekar, Late Harishchandra Zagde, Late Rajaram Takakar and Late Ramchandra Sawant had contributed valuable suggestions and help for growing our Mandal. Late Ramchandra B. Aagaskar was successfully handled the Mandal for 23 years as a Chairman.
In 1975, Premji Laloobhai Building was collapsed and our Mandal lost many Karyakartas and residential peoples, that is why our Mandal faced financial problem as well as man power. After that Late Prakash Naik was past away. His work at that time actually encouraged our Mandal to rise up.

Mandal's retired treasurers like Shri Barun Ganguly, Shri Subhash Valunj, Shri Ananda Yadav, Shri Shrikant Desai, Shri Arvind Bajaj and Shri Sudhir Pandharkame had tried hard in those years when Mandal's financial position was not good. Their contributions were fabulous.
During the years 1980 to 1999, Mandal's Karyakartas like, Shri Bhagwan Lokhande, Shr Dilip Tate, Shri Pravin Bhuwad, Shri Avinash Lokhande, and Shri Harishchandra Bole had started to view movable stories (Chalta-Chitra) and Electronic Special Effects with the unforgettable helps from Late Shridhar More and Late Suresh Kadam. From that time Batch some Karyakarta's like Shri Ganesh D. Narkar and Shri Prakash Manjarekar are still working with new generation and utilizing their experience and talent.
Mandal's present Chairman Shri Pawan Kumar Sharma, Secretary Shri Anil Vichare and Treasurer Shri Anjani Sharma are contributing their valuable time for the Mandal.
From the year 2002, the new generation takes charge of Mandal . They had started to participate in the various competitions and they won lots of Trophy's and Certificates for the Mandal with the blessings of "Khetwadi Cha Raja".
In this new generation batch some members like Shri Santosh D. Narkar, Shri Santosh B. Khale, Shri Nitin S. Redij, Shri Sanjay V. Deshmukh, Shri Sandeep A. Bandirge, Shri Anna V. Deshmukh and Shri Vinay Verma are the leading names. They spend Day and Night in the Mandap for the work ship of "Khetwadi cha Raja".
Same work ship made by Sculpture Shri Vijay Khatu, Decorator Shri Uday Sarange and Sound Recorder Shri Ganesh Mathur.
In Mandal, there is no wall of age. School and College Students are also adjusting their Schools and Colleges to do the work ship for "Khetwadi Cha Raja". Some little Wonders like Siddhesh Narkar, Chirag Sharma, Mayank Sharma, Bhavesh Sawate, Aanad Verma, Sadanand Verma, Ritesh Chauhan, Pankaj Jain and Poladia Brothers are the leading names.

Wall of Unity

Picnic to Titwala on 15th April 2007

First Tobacco Free Mandal

Award Ceremony - My Channel-2008
  Members with the winning Trophy of My Channel-2008

Committee Members for the Year 2007
President : Shri Pawankumar Sharma        
Vice President : Shri Kanhyalal Gupta   Shri Rajesh Bhor    
Secretary : Shri Sandeep Bhandirge        
Vice Secretary : Shri Santosh Khale  

Shri Vinay Verma

Treasurer : Shri Anjani Sharma        
Vice Treasurer : Shri Omkar belwalkar   Shri Santosh Narkar    
Executive Members: Shri Dilip Tate   Shri Ganesh D. Narkar   Shri Nitin Redij
  Shri Santosh B. Khale   Shri Deepak Nimunkar   Shri Sanjay V. Deshmukh
  Shri Ganesh Mathur   Shri Sandeep Bandirge   Shri Amol Verma
  Shri Arvind Bajaj   Shri Omkar Belwalkar   Shri Santosh Gopale
  Shri Anna V. Deshmukh   Shri Pravin Bhuwad   Shri Harishchandra Belawalkar
  Shri Vinay Verma   Shri Anant Nadu   Shri Dattatray Nigam
  Shri Santosh Gavankar   Shri Harish Gosavi   Shri Tushar Gonbare
  Shri Jayaraj Vichare   Shri Ashok Pawaskar   Shri Parikshit Sharma
  Shri Sanjay Sharma   Shri Ketan V. Zagde   Shri Vijay Ghumre
  Shri Prakash Manjarekar   Shri Ramesh Zagde    
Members : Shri Suresh Belwalkar   Shri Paresh Gohil   Shri Pran Khedekar
  Shri Mohan Prabhu   Shri Krunal Bajaj   Shri Jalal Sayyad
  Shri Kishor Makawana   Shri Shivshankar Rajak   Shri Kirit Chouhan
  Shri Karim Sayyad   Shri Anupam Bajaj   Shri Hitesh Chawda
  Shri Sukattam Das   Shri Chirag Gohil   Shri Trubhuvan Prasad
  Shri Sagar R. Zagde   Shri Abhijit R. Zagde   Shri Digesh J. Rawal
  Shri Kishor J. Rawal   Shri Vimal L. Rawal   Shri Vikas Dubey
  Shri Kisan Kerekar   Shri Ram Jambhale   Shri Narayan Jambhale
  Shri Mohan Sharma   Shri Shrikant Nimunkar   Shri Anil Solanki
  Shri Ganesh R. Korlekar   Shri Atul Dubey   Shri Mukesh Soni
  Shri Satish Poojari   Shri Rakesh Pote   Shri Gaurav Belwalkar
  Shri Vicki Bandirge   Shri Vipul   Shri Mahavir Poladia
  Shri Pankaj Rathod   Shri Santosh Nandgaonkar   Shri Dani
  Siddhesh V. Narkar   Mayank S. Sharma   Chirag P. Sharma
  Anand Verma   Nikhil Vema   Abbas Shaikh
  Pritesh Rathod   Amit B. Rawal   Ritesh P. Rawal
  Nimesh A. Vichare   Parag V. Ghumre   Nikesh Rawal
  Pankaj Jain Raj   Yash Sharma Gopal   Sadanand Verma
  Atul Deshmukh   Babu Jamble   Mayank Sharma
  Bhavesh Sawate   Atharv Bhor   Harshid Rawal




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